Hello again cruel world!

Wow – having an open communications platform for the world to enjoy is quite the fucking challenge! Between the hackers and trolls I am starting to see that the big wide connected world is just getting more divided. It makes sense, and maybe that will all change decades from now. However it seems that we need to deal with things as they are for now.

With that in mind we are making several changes, and blocking several sections of the world in the process. We did not want it to be that way – but we also wanted everyone in the world to be respectful, and well, we can’t change everyone in the world, so we need to stop those who would do us harm.

Anyhow, we are now stronger, and faster. If this keeps you or your friends out, apologies – some of our blocking filters may be a bit overly agressive. Contact us to let us know if this is a problem. Otherwise those that are here should enjoy a much better, faster, and spam free experience. Or at least less of the bad stuff that plagued us before. We’ll see.

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